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Laborde jewelry designs are the reflections of the modern woman's desire for eccentricity and individuality. A bohemian look & feel meets industrial-chic proposing handmade pieces that looks great layered our on their own. Onyx bracelets, moonstone necklaces and brass earrings are long time of established Toronto clientele. Our first meeting to discuss a possible website redesigned sealed the deal to great partnership that continues to grow the brand’s recognition, in turn, driving revenue online.


Summer 2016 - Laborde Designs approached headfirst with the idea of converting from its current platform managed by another firm. Although the look & feel was on point, the website was stagnant in terms of sales and mailing list growth along with social media integration. The tricky part is that Laborde has already operated it’s shop with Shopify and was not impressed of the results considering their low sales versus Shopify’s monthly payment fees.


Having worked with several fashion jewelry designer, Headfirst was in a position to show Laborde Designs that a well organized, categorized and search engine optimized shop with compelling product photography could drive-in revenue. Laborde chose to trust Headfirst’s judicious insights and never looked back. Since artists have a tendency to be all over the place, Headfirst developed a bullet proof process to facilitate the coordination of information required to build the shop to propel Laborde’s online sales forward. Laborde chose to take its product photography meanwhile Headfirst was responsible for managing the project timeline,  deliverables and image editing.

4. RESULTS launched fall 2016 with sales rolling-in within a month. Laborde’s turn-around time respond to clients as well as shipping items also had an impact in seeing an increase of repeat clientele. Another feature that work wonders for Laborde is the option of creating purchase orders directly form Shopify along with having the option to receive payments for goods online 24/7 and seamless back-end inventory maintenance. Headfirst and Laborde Designs just launched an updated editorials/news feed +  currently working on developing a new email marketing template for distribution to the brand’s ever growing list of clients. We’re thankful for this premiere partnership and look forward to helping Laborde Designs on many more growth opportunities in the future.





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