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With PhilanthroPics: there’s no posing, there is simply life. With a portion of the proceeds from each of their photography package sales going to a targeted charity in their client’s name - capturing memories with PhilanthroPics is subject to feel good vibes. Catching up on life while enjoying a cold sangria pitcher on a hot summer day also makes for a refreshing moment sparking-up effervescent creativity between two visionary friends.


Talking about branding, website launch and adversing tactics are among our favourite conversation topics. How do you propose we launch Philanthropics? How can an eCommerce website serve us better than a regular website? Why should we think about search engine optimization now instead of later? Were some of the bubbly questions from PhilanthroPics. Building a brand from a to z is a dream opportunity, and so was our collaboration with PhilanthroPics.


PhinlanthroPics already established Facebook networked comprised of friends, family, clients & leads were already aware of the brand and it’s photographic debut instilling a positive atmosphere to evolve in. However, PhilanthroPics brand credibility suffered in photography Facebook groups, considering they had no website to show their portfolio, in turn, missing out on contracts.

At Headfirst, we believe launching a website that can increase your bottom line is the best way to get a head start. And orchestrating that is a matter of organization, believing in your products, plus trusting Headfirst’s enthusiastic experience. Since PhilanthroPics business structure was already dialed-in, and categorized by popular themes, Headfirst asked PhilanthroPics to the best selling categories and turn them into… packages! And voilà, simple and effective way to sell services online. Photography packages featuring family, love, and business collections were created and divided by length of sessions in sub-categories such as; babies & kids, pets, and documentary.

Furthermore, along with advising on brand identity elements and overall brand presence - Headfirst also delivered a launch strategy to stimulate lead generation and conversions from day one on PhilanthroPics' meticulously designed eCommerce website.

4. RESULTS launched on Thursday September 14, 2017 at 8 p.m. in an tailored Facebook post inviting friends, family, clients & potentials leads to visit the new fabulous website, discover the packages and enjoy the gorgeous photography featured on the site. As well, with much excitement, PhilanthroPics’s also shared their website launch news in Facebook photographers groups. Comments were unanimous: a stunning site telling an amazing brand story - instantly growing the brand’s credibility among the community plus giving the brand an eCommerce edge over its competitors. PhilanthroPics is now booked solid up until January 2018.



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