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Reuven Kassai is a diamond-dealer turned jewelry designer. Asymmetry, quality and uniqueness form the back-one of his Antweeks collection. Antique sterling silver pieces reshaped into work of hearts. Kassai strong presence on Instagram, established Facebook following and well kept private A-list clients make for the brand’s continuous success. Following Kassai’s Instagram posts is always entertaining, although the brand’s website and product did not convey the same high-end quality and meets voice.


To grow Kassai’s brand, and of overall the brand’s product photography combined to a website redesign and content refinement was essential to rebuild the brand’s credibility online and offline. Furthermore, eliminate the embarrassment of clients calling to finalize a $20k order over the phone due to website payment malfunction was also of concern. Plus, Kassai’s online experience and understanding were limited, calling the a hand-in-hand approach.


Headfirst took the brand under its wing, and based on previous successes with other jewelry brands, convinced Kassai to make the necessary changes to grow as a brand and drive revenue online. Headfirst undertook the product product of 3 collections; Kayos, Antweeks & cufflinks - Kassai’s best selling lines. A meeting was organized to agree on the look & feel of the product photography followed by a series of photoshoots orchestrated to showcase the brand at its best. Headfirst also managed image editing, image resizing, renaming files according to Google’s naming convention, setting-up shop from A to Z in Shopify, as well as coaching the client on operating the back-end after launch. Headfirst also redesigned Kassai’s business card to ensure the news of their new online shop was carried forward in style + crafted a mini launch strategy to help the brand figure out the basic moves to keep the conversation going post-launch.

4. RESULTS launched in fall 2016 along with a brand new business card to hand out to its buzzing community. Kassai’s stunning creations can now be purchased online 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Along with revalidating the brand luxurious look & feel, the new product photography also served for printed look books while at the same time creating the opportunity of expanding professionally beyond the site. Headfirst also advised Kassai that in times of nominal resources to promote the brand, it’s important to remember that at then end of the day, word of mouth and new products added on the site regularly goes a long way.


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