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Headfirst discovered the Rita Tesolin jewelry line while picking-up pieces for an auction to be held during the Pride in Toronto, Canada. Having worked in the fashion industry for years, and seen extensive designers jewelry collections, the intricacy of the jewelry caught our attention. Instinctively, we immediately initiated a mini online brand presence audit. And to our surprise (and delight), Rita Tesolin’s jewelry was definitely not shinning like bight like a diamond in terms of brand presence across channels - especially on its website.


Rita’s team had been through a series of unfortunate events with graphic and web designers. Pricey projects missing the original project scope, lacking structured execution and quality of deliverables. When Headfirst asked Rita’s team if they understood how their actual brand presence played a role in hindering the brand’s credibility with its amateur look & feel, and in turn, possibly affecting sales, and potential industry interest - they knew something was up - however, the team was discouraged at the idea of paying even more money to hire designers, supposedly specialized in their field, and end up one again with mediocre results.


Based on proven results launching jewelry designers online with Shopify, Headfirst proposed to Rita’s team to do the same for their brand. Working with Headfirst meant working with a Shopify Partner with extensive expertise in setting-up shops with the added bonus of bringing product photography skills and an advertising background to the table. Since Rita’s team would be managing the shop once it launched, Headfirst recommended that all parties responsible for managing the shop be involved from the start and participate thought the various phases of the projects to have a better grasp on the end results and the ability to take-on the reigns once after the launch. Headfirst also committed to rewrite the company’s profile, an take-on all the products photography and image editing to ensure a consistent professional look throughout the website.


Rita’s Tesolin’s online shop launched in the Spring of 2017 to coincide with the Mercedes Benz charity event where the designer was exposing jewelry. The launch of Tesolin’s new Shopify website was a well anticipated event considering the buzz previously created month prior by all parties involved. The brand’s fresh online look and strong product photography regained the fashion industry attention with a significant traffic increase and its fans attention with several collections selling out. Tesolin’s online shop also facilitated stockroom versus trade shows inventory management, plus opened the doors to future growth with its new capacity of instantly selling new collections worldwide.




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