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Up Pop was brought to life by two best friends with a keen eye for fashion and the desire to make a positive difference in the world. With Canadians disposing of an average of 31 pounds of textile a year, and only about 10% of thrift store wares actually making it to new homes - while the rest heads straight to landfills - Up Pop’s mission was to give fashion a second chance.


Up Pop’s dynamic duo strategically lined-up the launch of its series of summer pop-up shops with the annual Spring Into Parkdale event, an anticipated community gathering on the bubbly Queen Street West in Toronto, Canada. Headfirst had two weeks to bring the brand to life by creating a brand presence and a buzz for Up Pop to pop up with a bang!


The Up Pop girls had amassed an impressive collections of highly curated second hand decorative objects, clothing and accessories. Among these beauties, a pillow cover featuring a black bat caught our attention. How about this as a company emblem we asked? The girls exploded with excitement, echoing each other: Yes! Upside down! And just like that, Up Pop’s logo rolled-in along with the tag line: Turn your fashion sense upside down. The pillow was scanned and transformed into Vector files used for all campaign materials.

Considering the tight deadline to launch the brand, the variable show dates, and the nominal financial resources - we judiciously recommended developing strategic promotional materials nothing short of packing a promotional punch.

First, we developed a one pager website in Wix for its ease of customization, affordable basic plan, and emails list building capacity. Second, we designed a post card to serve as a business card, an upcoming pop-up calling card and a conversation handout piece to be distributed generously to customers and in shopping bags. To speed-up interest on Up Pop’s first series of events we opted for a huge poster featuring the upside down bat which was strategically plastered all over Queen & King West streets. This was complemented with an upside-down bat sticker serving also as clothing label + fun sticky Up Pop reminder. And lastly, we launched, managed and took the product photography for the @uppopto Instagram account to generate a buzz with the Parkdale community, the city of Toronto and anyone interested in #therealcost.  


Up Pop launched on Friday May 6, 2016 at 5 p.m. in a boutique space graciously provided by Made You Look jewelry. The excitement was palpable. The Up Pop girls had burned their midnight oil to get everything looking flawless. The timing of the event, the marketing mix, clever copywriting, creatives & Instagram feed worked their magic with crowds flooding the boutique as soon as the doors opened. A wonderful debut which we had the pleasure to attend & photography. Up Pop popped up all summer long in the Parkdale area giving fashion a second chance by raising awareness and appreciation from the most savvy fashionistas in the city and beyond. A little birdie told us Up Pop is planning to pop up again in the future. In the meantime, we hope this inspires you to turn your fashion sense upside down.


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